The Hidnander project reclaims tactile, dependable values for the fashion industry.
We rejoice in quality products and quality relationships: truth, substance and knowledge, communicated directly.

We reject digital dehumanization

and mute the squeals

of social media.

“Anti Icon” defines Hidnander’s creative approach. To conceal what other brands show.
Layers are obscured or disguised, a secret between makers and wearer.
Design employs mix-and-mismatch.
Icon products are stripped down and remade.

No branding.

No logos.
No stars or stripes.
The wearer is hero.

Hidnander is for the
customer who wants
something pure;
who wants authenticity.

Only sold in stores.

The internet is a mall. In every city people dress the same, homogenised by algorithm.

Fight the algorithm.

Zero compromise on quality.

We are for the curious and the outliers, the disaffected and the individuals, for people who ask questions and lust for meaning.

For real, not faux real.

HIDNANDER Sagl – Riva Albertolli 1, 6900 Lugano, Switzerland – VAT Code: CHE-429.794.794 IVA

Chamber of Commerce of Canton Ticino CH-501.4.017.416