Starless embodies the Hidnander insurgency.
Starless revisits classic trainers and strips them down for parts to create enhanced unique footwear.

A tribute to the iconic low top silhouette. These shoes revisit the vintage charm of the casuals era.

Threedome revives and reimagines late 80s and early 00s trainers styles. By infusing the retro running silhouette with a modernist vision, Hidnander creates this original, iconic shoe.

Hidnander’s basketball boots build on the Stripeless – literally.
The original white Stripeless is fused with the most iconic basketball boot, and is bolstered by a duo-colour collar that encases the ankle.

Hidnander’s renegade running shoe. Named for the 10K race, the TENKEI is running heritage reupholstered and reengineered.

Shoe last sharing, our sustainable approach to design.

Inspired by tennis legends, their uppers are crafted from suede and leather, fitted with a low profile rubber sole for a retro look.

The clash of mod and skate. Hidnander remakes the desert boot, the iconic footwear of the mod subculture; hidden under are aspects of the high top sneaker.

The Stomper is essential footwear for youth tribes; past, present and future. While the exterior is predominantly leather, Hidnander mixes in elements of mthe 100% cotton paratrooper boot to create original footwear that is both tough and playful. These boots got bounce.

A fusion of skate silhouette and iconic sandal, Hidnander’s slip-on is casual with a hint of grunge.

The staple of the Californian life-style. Premium overload. Never-bettered materials. Hand worn. Foot ready.